How we can Help

Once we have received our official charitable status we will go full steam ahead in organising fund raising events and forging relationships with organisations and individuals who will assist us in reaching our goals.

Our Charitable Aim

To provide help and support financial or otherwise to those stunt performers or extreme sports professionals who have suffered disability or illness in the past or present through their professional activities;

To support the families or carers of such persons by the provision of pastoral care and advice;

To advance the education of the film industry, the sporting world and the general public in the promotion of health and safety in stunt performances and extreme sports;

To promote research and development of new therapies for our beneficiaries and in the safety of stunt performances and extreme sports;

We will be organising a number of other fund raising events & shows over the years, including Celebrity Golfing days, Gala dinner & Cabaret evenings, 5-a-side soccer games (which is Eddie’s favoured sport) & even stunt shows with the help of Eddie’s peers and friends to support the growing interest in our targeted area.


We will be forging relationships with the likes of Jacques Caluwé, top sports therapist who will be treating Eddie at his ‘Wellbeing Clinic’ in Crete.

Jacques first graduated as a physical therapist in1975 at the “Gentse Hogeschool”.  He immediately founded his own practice & throughout the following years he created the Centre for Sportsphysiotherapy & Aetiopathy in Bassevelde.  After his training as a physical therapist he studied sports medicine at the Gainesville University in Florida (USA) & at the Monroe University in Louisiana (USA).  In 1983 he graduated with Cyriax, and was trained in osteopathy and acupuncture.  From 1992 to 1997 he studied Ayurvedic Medicine in Varabasi, India, with Professor R.H. Singh and his staff.  In 1997 he followed several courses with Dr. Deepak Chopra. In 1999 he took courses in the “Feldenkrais method’ and ‘Awakening Your light body”. In 2002 he followed the course of NLP (neuro linguistic programmation) and in 2003 he did the masters of NLP.

In his continuing search for a complete therapy with a maximum of possibilities to help his patients, he travelled and is still travelling around the world.  And from this the JEECEE Total Therapy was created.

Therapists working in these centres are continually trained and coached by Jacques Caluwé and his staff.  In this way quality of work is guaranteed.  In his continuing search for a complete therapy with a maximum of possibilities to help his patients , he travelled and  is still travelling around the world.